A Letter To Our Industry

One year ago, The New York Times and The New Yorker published bombshell exposés on the sexual predations of Harvey Weinstein. What followed broke open the secrecy of sexual harassment and assault that has consumed our community for decades. Our collective voice shone a spotlight on the systemic abuse of power within the entertainment industry. With each new voice rising, so did our hope that we were on the brink of concrete change within our community.

Still, many signs remain discouraging. As past and present incidents of sexual misconduct within the entertainment industry continue to make the news, to date only 1 of 154 people in positions of power in the arts, entertainment and media industries has been indicted for his crimes. (Vox.com) Power dynamics continue to be extremely unbalanced, leaving many of us at risk

As we have witnessed through the explosiveness of the #MeToo movement, when victims are armed with the knowledge that they are not alone in their abuse, they are more empowered to come forward.

Voices in Action addresses these issues by providing an industry-wide, accessible means of online reporting of incidents of sexual abuse and harassment, providing referrals to legal and emotional support.  Victims will be alerted if their alleged assailant has been reported by another victim and given the option to connect with fellow victims through an attorney.

We are survivor-founded and led, and our only responsibility is to the victims. We empower victims to use their voices.

You can file an incident report with us here.

To maintain highest levels of security and maintenance this system requires and to offer the ability for victims to connect under confidentiality and privilege – we need YOUR help.  We have built the system and established an elite team of attorneys, activists, cyber security and technology specialists.  In order to offer this unprecedented matching and support system to our community we need funding.

Every donation, no matter how big or how small, brings us a step closer to creating safety and equity within our industry.

We specifically call upon those in power in the entertainment industry and those who have been most vocal within the #Times Up movement to help support and fund this platform.

This safer and more equitable community is the community that we are determined to create, and which we unwaveringly serve. To those of you who have taken steps in this direction already, thank you.

To those who have not yet done so, please join us now.