All About Voices in Action


Voices in Action is 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (in finalization) that works to provide protection and safety from sexual misconduct while supporting survivors and fighting for abusers to be held accountable for their actions. We do this through a holistic and innovative umbrella of services that include:

  • The ability to privately document incidents of sexual misconduct, abuse, or assault;
  • A timestamped email receipt that serves as an additional layer of evidence or backup to corroborate your story if or when you choose to go forward to authorities;
  • The ability to track serial perpetrators with a unique system that sends optional alerts to individuals who name the same perpetrator as another individual;
  • The option to discuss your next steps with trauma-informed legal counsel in your area through the National Crime Victim’s Bar Association;
  • The potential to meet the other individual who named the same perpetrator as you if legal counsel deems it mutually beneficial;
  • Anti-sexual harassment virtual reality training for businesses and studios;
  • Wearable beacons for tracking and panic alert technology for sets, studios, and places of employment;
  • Free and/or affordable survivor support services including, but not limited to, trauma-informed yoga classes, self-care workshops, survivor support groups, and much more.


Jessica Barth was among the first wave of Silence Breakers who spoke out against Harvey Weinstein’s history of sexual abuse and misconduct in the entertainment industry, which helped make Tarana Burke’s #MeToo movement turn into the viral paradigm shift that we know today.

It was a shift that was long-overdue and welcomed at large by the public and workers in the industry. But time continued to on and many grew frustrated with nothing more than promises being made but no real change. So, Jessica got to work and, instead of waiting for change to be made for her, decided to try to change things herself.

Voices in Action was born.


Over the past two years, Voices in Action has evolved from an email activism campaign to the nonprofit organization that it is today. As the first and only reporting system for the entertainment industry, we have built an incredible team of experts and professionals who are also deeply passionate and driven by our mission. We have dedicated our days (and nights!) to building Voices in Action what it is today– a leading reporting system and survivor support organization.

The work we have done over these past two years speaks for itself: 

  • Voices in Action has helped hundreds of people privately and safely document incidents of sexual misconduct in the entertainment industry;
  • Voices in Action has been directly involved in bringing dozens of perpetrators into the spotlight and removed from their positions of power;
  • Voices in Action has worked to build invaluable partnerships and relationships with other mission-driven organizations in and out of the entertainment industry along with top activists to continue to create the necessary bridges to affect change;
  • Jessica Barth has helped spearhead initiatives to push through crucial bills and legislation including AB9, AB 51, and AB 749;

e have supported the largest slate of sexual harassment bills in the country and we have built solid relationships with activist documentarians, female entrepreneurs and our guild, SAG-AFTRA.  We have given one on one support for victims who didn’t know where else to turn and we have developed trusted relationships with other outspoken survivors, both men and women.

We believe solutions towards preventing sexual harassment and assault are to be found with survivors. Over this past year we have had many constructive, enlightening conversations regarding safety and equality in our industry with fellow survivors and now we are taking action.


We believe solutions towards preventing sexual harassment and assault are found by listening to survivors. Over this past year, we have had many constructive, painfully enlightening conversations with fellow survivors regarding the lack of safety and equality in our industry and now is the time to implement actionable and effective steps that lead to concrete change.

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