Be Pro Voice

We believe our Voice is our superpower.
But trauma, fear, and intimidation from sexual and gender-based assault have silenced too many of us, enabling a status quo of abuse to continue.

Voices in Action is working to create a Pro Voice culture that helps eradicate sexual assault and rape culture, creating a safer and more inclusive world for us all.

Being Pro Voice means:

  • Changing the conversation from “why did she get raped” to “why did he rape?”
  • Taking all reports of assault, harassment, bullying, power imbalance, and misconduct seriously and insisting on thorough and independent third party investigations.
  • Proper education and training about what sexual and related assault along with power imbalance as well as gender roles and responsibilities in schools and the workplace.
  • No more victim-blaming or -shaming.
  • Schools and organizations implementing and promoting effective safety protocols along with reporting and accountability strategies.
  • Standing up for marginalized communities and demographics who we know are effected and targeted at disproportionately higher rates.
  • Reporting sexual assault or misconduct is no longer seen as brave because it is instead the standard.
  • Changing laws to adequately reflect our current world using data, expert insight, and research based in behavioral psychology.
  • Demanding full transparency from investigations, including no more NDA’s.
  • Holding those accountable who abuse their physical, societal, or career strength to harm, coerce, influence others.
  • Providing the safety of a survivor community that gives strength and support to those who are wary about coming forward or feel that they have been silenced, so that they may come forward against abuse.
  • No longer being silenced.

Individually, our Voices are powerful. But together, our Voices have the power to change the world.


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