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Like all Survivors, Andrea Constand knows a thing or two about trauma. After coming forward about her sexual assault, Constand’s healing journey inspired her to help provide access to the information and resources she learned for all survivors. “Healing from sexual assault is a multi-layered trauma informed mind/body/spirit journey that lasts a lifetime,” Constand shared…
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It Took Two Years & 100 Women To Prosecute Weinstein. Why Aren’t We Asking Why?

On January 6, 2020, Harvey Weinstein limped into court with help from his walker and his enablers for the first day of his New York City trial to face charges of rape among other assault accusations. That same day, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office held a press conference to announce four charges against…
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30 Excruciating Examples of What Real “Self Care” Looks Like

Self-care has become such a buzzword. It’s easy to understand why—by definition, taking care of yourself really comes with no downsides. But now there’s a nebulous gray area of self-care now doesn’t sit right with me. “Stay fresh, stay self cared up!” The meme gods remind me. Yes, Instagram. I shall obey. (But how exactly…
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