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Brittany Perrineau, actor, mother, activist, and board member of Voices in Action, shared her experience of being the family member of a survivor of sexual assault: “She held it in for almost 6 years. She was scared, frightened, damaged. She contemplated suicide, and suffered in silence. When she finally broke, and told me her trauma,…
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Alexia Norton Jones, writer, award-winning poet, tao healing arts practitioner, former actress, and Silence Breaker (to name a few), shared her motivation and experience of coming forward about her assault with Voices in Action: Alexia Norton Jones was born into the center of the Civil Rights Movement as the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King,…
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30 Excruciating Examples of What Real “Self Care” Looks Like

Self-care has become such a buzzword. It’s easy to understand why—by definition, taking care of yourself really comes with no downsides. But now there’s a nebulous gray area of self-care now doesn’t sit right with me. “Stay fresh, stay self cared up!” The meme gods remind me. Yes, Instagram. I shall obey. (But how exactly…
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