How to Give


Donate to help survivors and change the culture of sexual abuse. 

Your donation goes towards helping to strengthen and maintain the reporting system that matches serial perpetrators and toward creating support services for survivors. We are are 501c3 nonprofit, so your donation is tax-deductible. Click the image to the right or the button below to donate safely with a credit card. Thank you for making a difference.



Community rape crisis centers often rely on the support of volunteers to provide services to victims (such as answering telephone calls from survivors) and to help implement prevention programs (like talking to students about sexual violence). NSVRC can help you to find the nearest crisis center to you.

Organize: Throughout the country, passionate groups of community members organize events, plays, and rallies to raise awareness about sexual violence. NSVRC and your community rape crisis center can often help you to find these groups, or give you advice on how to start a group of your own.

Learn and educate yourself: The root causes of sexual violence run deep and are sometimes hard to understand. Learning about sexual violence from resource centers like NSVRC can help you to understand these root causes, helping you to be a part of the national conversation about sexual violence and a more effective advocate for survivors and the work of prevention.

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