Kristin Leland (she/her)

Kristin is a communications and nonprofit specialist, feminist and social justice activist, cultural critic, and essayist from Philadelphia.

Believing in the power of words and visuals to inspire and engage audiences across all channels-print, web, digital, and social with photography, videography, commercial ads, and design, Kristin’s experience spans more than 10 years of creative storytelling. Her work has helped build, strengthen, and re-brand nonprofit organizations across the U.S. by developing comprehensive creative communications, marketing, and messaging strategies that reflect the digital and interactive age of the 21st century while always honoring the brand.

With a belief that what you give your energy to grows, Kristin lives out her mission to social justice through community service projects and organizations including The United Way and Mighty Writers, bringing educational workshops, mentorship, and assistance with college essay writing to youths in disadvantaged communities. She also teaches English internationally at impoverished schools and orphanages throughout the year.

Kristin also identifies as a vegan, dog-lover, peace-seeker, outer space enthusiast, mother of two teenagers, music and vinyl collector, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg fan-girl number one.

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