About Kristin

Kristin Leland (she/her)

Kristin is a storyteller and creative advocate for social change, focused on helping victims of trauma and gender-based violence.

An original founder of Voices in Action and Vice President, Kristin is a full-time, trauma-informed and certified case manager fighting human trafficking, gender-based violence, intimate partner violence, and advocating for human rights. Providing oversight and advocacy for multiple victim-service providers, Kristin utilizes her experience to educate the public on the facts and complexities of trauma and victim abuse while working tirelessly to provide direct services, referrals, help, and empathy to survivors, while fighting the broken system to create cultural and legislative change.

Kristin has a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences with a focus in linguistic anthropology, a master’s communications, and soon completing an MBA in nonprofit leadership. Her research is focused in language, communications, semantics, persuasion, and the effects of media rhetoric in and on modern culture. She has completed and is certified in trauma-informed by the United States government. 

Kristin has fought for social issues and justice by volunteering countless hours with organizations and nonprofits including numerous homeless shelters and food banks; women’s shelters and safe houses; animal welfare and shelters; and Mighty Writers, a nonprofit that provides creating and educational writing assistance to children in marginalized communities. She has led immersion trips with college students to learn about and integrate with communities including educational trips to Haiti and Kenya; Indigenous Rights programs in Blackfoot, Montana; Human Trafficking programs in Miami, Florida; and Immigration policy and reform awareness at El Otro Lado (the U.S./Mexican border). 

With Voices in Action, Kristin serves as the Vice President of Voices in Action and also sits on the board of directors. Her many roles with the organization include leading vision and strategy, communications and marketing planning and implementation, programming, and outreach, always with trauma-empowered care.

Kristin creative passions include art, painting, and illustration; writing; music; photography; and mixed and digital media. She uses these skills to help deliver messages of change and inspiration for a better humanity. In her free time, she decodes pop-culture to help give deeper perspectives and insights into why we’re conditioned to behave and act out in unhealthy, toxic patterns, in hopes of healing and reconditioning ourselves. You can view her art on her Instagram pages: here & here.

From Kristin on Kristin: “World-changer. Adventure-seeker. Artist. Dog lover. Vegan-ish. Unapologetically liberal.


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