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Voices in Action is an independent, survivor-founded and led 501(c)3 nonprofit fighting for safety and gender equity in the entertainment industry and beyond. We do this by providing private and secure user-based portals for victims to document abuse and for users to receive optional alerts if others identify the same abuser. We also provide a uniquely holistic service of trauma-informed support along with educational and awareness services to empower and improve safety standards.

Our services include:

  • A private user portal for detailing, documenting, and time stamping incidents of abuse, harassment, violence, assault, misconduct, etc.
  • Optional alerts to individuals who name the same perpetrator as another;
  • Referrals for free, trauma-informed legal representation consultations;
  • Connecting victims of the same abuser under confidence and privilege of legal counsel;
  • Mentorship and guidance with next steps and local resources;
  • Courtroom, testimony, and statement advocacy;
  • Mental and physical support led by trauma-informed practitioners;
  • Education and awareness services and trainings to foster empowerment and increase safety;


Voices in Action founder, Jessica Barth, was among the first wave of Silence Breakers who spoke out against Harvey Weinstein’s history of sexual abuse and misconduct in the entertainment industry, which helped make Tarana Burke’s #MeToo movement turn into the viral paradigm shift that we know today.

It was a shift that was long-overdue and welcomed at large by the public and workers in the industry. But time continued to on and many grew frustrated with nothing more than promises being made but no real change. So, Jessica got to work and, instead of waiting for change to be made for her, decided to try to change things herself.

Voices in Action was born.


As the first and only independent reporting system for the entertainment industry, we have built an incredible team of experts and professionals who are also deeply passionate and driven by our mission that has built Voices in Action into what it is today– a leading reporting system and survivor support organization:

  • More than 400+ unique reports helping victims details and secure their evidence;
  • Dozens of perpetrators, many high-profile, perpetrators have been brought to justice and removed from their positions of power;
  • Hundreds of survivors have received mentorship, counseling, and trauma-informed workshop sessions;
  • Dozens of invaluable partnerships and relationships with other mission-driven organizations with the same goal to affect change, increase safety, and help create a more equitable industry;
  • Legislative reform including helping to pass bills AB9, AB51, and AB749

100% of donations are tax deductible and go toward services and programming that support them and the Voices in Action mission.

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