Voices in Action is 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides solutions to gender-based issues of equity and safety in the entertainment industry while supporting survivors and fighting for the accountability of perpetrators. We do this through a holistic set services that include:

  • The ability to privately detail, document, and timestamp incidents of abuse including harassment, power imbalance, sexual misconduct, assault, and rape;
  • A timestamped receipt that serves as an additional layer of evidence and corroboration of your story if or when you choose to come forward;
  • The ability to track serial perpetrators with a unique system that sends optional alerts to individuals who name the same perpetrator as another individual;
  • The option to discuss your next steps with trauma-informed legal counsel at no charge;
  • The potential to meet other individuals who named the same perpetrator as you under privilege and confidentiality if legal counsel deems it mutually beneficial;;
  • Free educational services, advocacy, resources, and support for survivors.


Voices in Action is a nonprofit organization that operates as an independent entity from the industry it serves. This is a crucial component in encouraging victims and survivors to come forward about their experiences because statistics show that the majority of people who do not report workplace abuse, harassment, and violence cite fear of retaliation, distrust in their employer, and concern about losing their job as the primary reasons why.

As an organization, we prioritize privacy. Users of our submission portal can rest assured that their information remains private and will never be shared without a request of the user themselves that has been thoroughly vetted through legal representation.



As the first and only reporting system for the entertainment industry, we have built an incredible team of experts and professionals who are also deeply passionate and driven by our mission to create a safer an more equitable entertainment industry for all. Since our inception, we have:

  • Mentored hundreds of survivors and assisted in the next steps of reporting abuse and connecting to appropriate resources; 
  • Helped hundreds of survivors document incidents of abuse and misconduct;
  • Facilitated in bringing dozens of perpetrators into the spotlight and removed from their positions of power;
  • Provided assistance and advocacy to hundreds of victims of domestic violence; 
  • Helped more than 60 victims of human trafficking to safety and resources; 
  • Connected dozens of victims of abuse with legal representation; 
  • Connected dozens of survivors with other survivors; 
  • Built invaluable partnerships and relationships with other mission-driven organizations in and out of the entertainment industry along with top activists to continue to create the necessary bridges to affect change;
  • Spearhead initiatives to push through crucial bills and legislation including AB9, AB 51, and AB 749;


Over the years, we've witnessed multiple organizations who sought to combat sexual violence come and go. Voices in Action is different because we create effective and sustainable solutions by understanding where the violence comes from while also prioritizing the holistic healing services and resources to survivors through all stages of the process.

As many of us at Voices in Action are also survivors of assault, we know firsthand that the effects of trauma do not end simply after survivors decide to come forward. In fact, it is just the beginning. That’s why our focus has been and will continue to be on the entire journey survivors face, from prevention, to reporting, through long-term processing and healing.

Voices in Action's mission isn't to expose any person or industry, but rather to fix the system through the empowerment of those who have marginalized and silenced.