About Kristin

With a unique background in nonprofit operations, marketing and pr, d, trauma and equity awareness, UX design, Kristin uses her 13 years of experience to help nonprofit organizations develop a focused vision to achieve measurable growth, build brand confidence and awareness, and consistent messaging while staying true to mission a through authentic connection and meticulous strategic planning.

Kristin has a bachelor’s degree in public relations and communications with a focus in linguistic anthropology that has given her a broad understanding of human behavior and cultural influence. She is soon completing her master’s degree in nonprofit leadership (Fall 2022). 

Kristin’s many roles Voices in Action include leading the many and various operations of nonprofits, while overseeing programming, marketing and communications, fundraising campaigns and special events, measuring social impact, web development, and programming, along with implementing diversity, trauma, and inclusion practices. She also serves on the board of directors.

With a focus on anti-human trafficking and gender-based violence issues, Kristin has fought for social issues and justice by volunteering countless hours with organizations, nonprofits, and shelters. She leads educational immersion trips to Haiti and Kenya; Indigenous Rights programs in Blackfoot, Montana; Human Trafficking programs in Miami, Florida; and Immigration policy and reform awareness at El Otro Lado (the U.S./Mexican border). She also volunteers with educational writing, tutoring, and college prep programs within Philadelphia. 

For inquiries: kristin@voicesinaction.org

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