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May 2019

Jessica Barth 
Founder, CEO

Sharing my story, in what was to become the expose that toppled a Hollywood titan, empowered women with knowledge they were no longer alone in their abuse and emboldened victims to say #MeToo. No one could have predicted the explosivity of this movement or all that was to come in the aftermath by sharing our pain with the world. But it has been simultaneously one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life.

With a deep understanding of the terror, the risk, the retaliation that accompanies a decision to come forward, I witnessed incredible courage of survivors reclaiming their power by speaking out against their abusers; and this ignited an infuriated passion deep in my soul. Voices in Action pledges to protect artists pursuing the dreams held in their hearts since childhood, to ensure accountability to abusers who prey upon those dreams, and to put an end to the epidemic of sexual abuse of power within our industry. Today we offer you our survivor-led platform to report incidents of sexual misconduct while having the capability to alert you if you are not the only victim reporting your assailant. There is safety in numbers and strength in community and that is exactly what we hope to offer our community.

Thank you for being a part of our journey towards healing and rebuilding our industry and beyond!
In Gratitude, 

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