Our Documenting System

Not everyone who is victimized by sexual abuse is ready to come forward or go to the authorities right away. In fact, studies show that many people don't even know that what has happened to them is actually abuse.

Voices in Action has built a system that gives victims of incidents of sexual abuse, harassment, misconduct, or assault the ability to privately document their experience to save and use if/when they decide to come forward at a later date or time when they feel safe and supported.


Individuals document their experience in a private online report

They are able to provide as much or as little detail as they feel comfortable with sharing. This is important because research shows that victims of trauma suffer from memory impairment. That's why having a place where they can privately document their incidents while it is still fresh in their minds can be monumentally helpful not only in helping to build their case, but also in helping them feel confident in their choice to come forward.

Once a report is submitted, a redacted email receipt with timestamp of when the report was filed is issued via email

The timestamp is important because as any survivor will tell you, one of the most frequent criticisms received is "why didn't you come forward sooner?" The answer is personal for everyone. But having a timestamp on a story that was able to remain private until the individual is ready answers that frustrating question and also serves as an additional layer of evidence if/when the victim decides to come forward.
Note: The email receipt does not include details of the event or the perpetrator's name for obvious privacy and security reasons. This email simply stands as an invoice for the submitted report with a date, time, and report number.

Voices in Action does nothing with the reports

Our secure system is designed to keep all reports safe and private. Voices in Action is not a police department or the district attorney's office. Voices in Action is never going to talk you into pressing charges or going public with your story. Each report is private to each individual and will remain so unless or until the individual decides to move forward. Individuals who submit reports will only be contacted if they opt to receive repeat offender alert AND if their accused perpetrator is also named by another individual. (Here's what happens next.)