If you've worked in Hollywood or the entertainment industry as a whole, you know that your safety has not been prioritized. A lack of transparency, protection, and support have left us vulnerable to predators and those who would abuse their power.

It took 80+ women coming forward with similar accusations against a Hollywood mogul to move the needle on an issue that was already known and should have been actively investigated years prior. The onset of the #MeToo movement has helped create much-needed change in the industry, but it's been slow and unarguably not enough.
Not even close.

So what does Voices in Action mean by #ProVoice?

We mean that our voices are the most powerful weapons we have, especially against those who thrive in our fear and silence.

We mean that everyone should feel empowered and safe to speak up and speak out against those who have harmed, bullied, intimidated, or forced them to do anything against their will.

We mean that when we stand together, our collective voice can change this industry for the better forever. It can even change the world.

Through trauma, pain, challenges, and struggles, our voices are the one thing that can't be taken from us. Even for those who think theirs is gone, sometimes it's just a matter of finding your tribe to help you rediscover it.

We are your tribe.

Stand with us as we rebuild a culture that encourages protection, support, and safety for all, while holding those who would harm anyone accountable for their actions. Stand with us in being #ProVoice and helping others rediscover the strength in theirs.


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