Key Relationships & Partners

Voices in Action has worked to partner with and develop relationships with some of the most trusted and impactful mission-driven organizations in the nation to help bridge gaps, create better cohesion among industries, draft legislation, and create change.
These include:

The National Crime Victim Bar Association
Renee William, Executive Director
Good People Solutions

Lisa Abeyta

Jess Ladd

Callisto is a non-profit organization that develops technology to combat sexual assault and harassment.


Shelley Zalis

The Female Quotient is committed to advancing equality in the workplace through collaboration, activating solutions for change and creating measurements for accountability.


Noreen Farrell

Equal Rights Advocates protects and expands economic and educational access and opportunities for women and girls.



Amy Nelson

We see a world where workplaces are rooted in equality of opportunity for all, rather than for the select few. And we know women are the catalyst for this change. The Riveter was built for ambitious, independent folks to claim their seat at the table and redefine our tomorrow.