Voices in Action: Healing Through Yoga in 2020


We’re thrilled to announce that beginning in 2020, Voices in Action will begin holding extremely affordable trauma-informed group yoga sessions for survivors of trauma and abuse. The mind-body connection in healing is undeniable and the benefits of yoga for anyone struggling through emotional and physical turmoil are numerous, but not everyone has access to classes or the financial ability to attend. We’re changing that.

Part of Voices in Action’s mission is providing holistic support, empowerment, and protection for survivors. Anyone who has ever been through the experience knows that real support is not easy to find. And even when you do find it, it’s usually just a helpful step along the way. Our goal has always been to ensure that survivors are able to receive reasonable and affordable access to comprehensive resources that help them get to the next step, but beyond that often feel left out to dry on their own. Our promise from the beginning is to help survivors throughout the entire process, however long that takes.

Vinnie Salemno is a renowned personal trainer and yoga instructor in the Los Angeles and has signed on as the first instructor of Healing Through Trauma. Follow Vinnie on Instagram and Facebook.

Survivor yoga classes will be donations-based and open to all sexes. The pilot phase of this Healing Through Yoga program launches in Los Angeles, but we hope to expand sessions across various cities nationwide along with additional programming.

It is important to note that yoga is not a cure for trauma, depression, anxiety, or any other mental, emotional, or physical issue. But it is an additional aid in healing, part of the process, for all of us and serves as another reminder that you are not alone. We’re all in this together.

If you’d like to donate to help us in launching Healing Through Yoga, you can donate online. Every dollar raised goes towards providing support services for survivors.

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