Voices in Action Speaks Out at the Nashville Film Festival


Last week, Voices in Action was at the Nashville Film Festival for a #MeToo panel discussion featuring founder and CEO, Jessica Barth, and VIA ambassador and activist Johnathon Schaech.

The panel covered the progress of the Movement and where we go from here. Voices in Action was there to table the event and hand out information to visitors. It was also a chance to get to witness Barth and Schaech interact with each other in person, something that is not frequently done.

“I’m so happy that you’re here,” Schaech said to Barth. “We’ve interacted for years at this point over the phone and through computers and screens, but to be able to sit with you and talk about this work, it’s important.”

Barth mirrored his sentiments, saying how proud she was of the progress Schaech and others have made, both with the organization and solor. “Especially being male in this industry,” she said, “is such a big deal and takes a lot of bravery to speak out.”

The pair discussed their experiences in the industry, the impact of the #MeToo movement, what it took to speak out about their own stories, the backlash they’ve faced, and finding the strength to keep fighting back.

The Voices in Action team also tabled the event to hand out some information about what it is we do, help spread awareness, and give out some #ProVoice swag.

Left to right: Tracy DeTomasi (board of directors), Kristin Leland (Vice President), Jessica Barth (CEO)

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