Alexia Norton Jones, writer, award-winning poet, tao healing arts practitioner, former actress, and Silence Breaker (to name a few), shared her motivation and experience of coming forward about her assault with Voices in Action:

“To speak out became my opportunity to break free.” – Alexia Norton Jones.

Alexia Norton Jones was born into the center of the Civil Rights Movement as the daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s closest confidants and advisors. A former model and actress, Alexia is also a two-time First Place award-winning poet whose work focused on violence against Black women. As an author, literary agent, and a granddaughter of William Warder Norton of W.W. Norton book publishers, Alexia has published a number of articles on social justice and is responsible for the bestselling book Winfield, A Player’s Life, about Hall of Fame baseball player Dave Winfield. Alexia is also a practitioner of the Tao Healing Arts with a vast education in Classical Chinese Medicine.
(Source of bio: The Daily Beast)

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