Like all Survivors, Andrea Constand knows a thing or two about trauma. After coming forward about her sexual assault, Constand’s healing journey inspired her to help provide access to the information and resources she learned for all survivors.

“Healing from sexual assault is a multi-layered trauma informed mind/body/spirit journey that lasts a lifetime,” Constand shared with Voices in Action. “For many survivors who often feel silenced by the abuse and reporting process, seeking resources to heal is a lifeline for rebirth, renewal, and cultivating deeper faith and self-awareness in one’s truth. This shift in awareness will bring the hope and healing necessary to transform their pain into a fulfilling and joyful life and champion their own story”.

Andrea Constand is one of the very first Silence Breakers and has braved seeing her name dragged through headlines while bringing her abuser Bill Cosby to justice. Constand continued the fighting as a Survivor by forming a nonprofit organization called Hope, Healing, and Transformation earlier this year with a free mobile app (SAFEAPP). Survivors will find a safe space for survivors to find support, resources, education, and healing practices.

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