Brenda Tracy, actress, mother, producer, writer, and Silence Breaker shared her experience on coming forward about her assault:

My best friend was in the next room when I was gang raped. She told me if I went to court she would testify against me. You don’t expect your family & friends to protect the abuser, but for many survivors, that’s exactly what happens. #whenireported.

In 1998, Brenda Tracy endured what far too many survivors face when the charges of her case were dropped and she was left with the burden of her abuse while others walked free. Twenty two years later, Brenda has reclaimed her power and voice. She stands strong as a public speaker, activist, lobbyist, mother, nurse, and advocate, running Set the Expectation, telling her story and helping others find their voices.

In the Summer of 2019, Brenda Tracy began using the hashtag #WHENIREPORTED to help bring attention to the issues that survivors face when they come forward with their sexual assault.

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