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Reporting Safe

Over the past three years, we have seen a collective increase of awareness to the systemic problems of sexual assault and violence in society thanks to the #MeToo Movement. Still there’s much to be done. 

Survivors continue to bear the burden of proof of their assault while being blamed, shamed,  stigmatized, and retraumatized for coming forward, while perpetrators are overwhelmingly given a pass.

But research shows when survivors are confident that they wil be taken seriously, believed, and supported, they are more likely to come forward.  

by the numbers

Historically low reporting rates are why The Brennan Center has said that statistics on rape, assault, misconduct, and violence are also likely to be extremely lower than the reality. But here’s what we know: 


perpetrators of sexual assault walk free

false reports are
far less likely

The conversation begins 
October 1 through October 14

Voices in Action is launching a social conversation to highlight the good and bad of what survivors face when they report sexual assault, violence, and misconduct. Our goal is to normalize reporting so that all survivors feel safe and supported in coming forward about their experience, end the antiquated myths of rape culture, and bring abusers and serial perpetrators to justice. 

We will be sharing first-hand accounts of the many ups and downs of coming forward, from the survivors themselves. 
We will also be sharing trauma-sensitive educational opportunities, information, live conversations, and much more. We hope you’ll add your voice to the discussion. 

Where to follow along: 
Twitter – Instagram – Facebook

Here’s how to 
join in 

Share your story of what happened after you reported on your preferred social media page using #WHENIREPORTED and tagging Voices in Action.

Follow and support the stories of survivors who are sharing their experience using #WHENIREPORTED.
Spread the word and let other survivors know about #WHENIREPORTED.

Share or repost stories or graphics from our pre-made social toolkit below using #WHENIREPORTED and tagging Voices in Action.

Social Toolkit

Copy and paste the captions below for your convenience: 


Only 23 percent of rapes and sexual assault are reported. Reporting must be made safe for survivors. Share your story using #WHENIREPORTED to join the conversation. @VoicesIn_Action


Sexual assault and rapes remain vastly underreported despite the progress we’ve made in the #MeToo Movement. There’s still much to be done. Reporting assault must be made safe, survivors must be believed, and abusers held accountable. Share your story or join the conversation this week with @Voices_In_Action using #WHENIREPORTED.

info & media kit


Email: contact@voicesinaction.org

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